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Empowering Stylists To Build Their Dream Business On Their Own Terms!

Ananda Hair Lounge is a mix of commission and renter based stylists.  We want our inspiring supportive, team-based space to be a place where you can envision your future and put it into action.  At Ananda, you can have a passion-filled career that makes sense for your unique schedule and lifestyle, while earning an income you are proud of. 

We place Love and Bliss at the center of all that we do.

What Makes Ananda Special?


Your Schedule

We believe you should love the life you live and live the life you love, NOT Live to work!  That is why none of our team members work for more than four days a week with flexible scheduling options.

Commission stylists earn an incentive-based percentage and renters are offered full or part-time chair space.

Vacation time is not only offered but encouraged.  The more rested and connected you are to your center, the better your artistry will flow.

Our Team Culture

While our salon space and atmosphere is beautiful and uniquely warm, our loving, team-based culture is, by far, the the best part of the Ananda vibe.

Each and every member of our family is hard working, supportive, encouraging and self motivated.  If you become a part of this very special group you can be sure you are amidst talented professionals that will motivate and inspire.

Your Clients' Experience

A beautiful salon and talented team of stylists may not be hard to come by but our personalized guest experience is what sets us apart as it is our top priority and main focus.  We offer a space to unwind, feel cared for, connected, heard and understood.

If you believe your clients are more like friends and family then your 2pm on Friday, you and your guests will feel right at home.

We are a proud appointment-only, full-service salon that offers the latest hair services and styles as well as numerous individualized extras to take your service to the next level.  You and your clients will be wondering why you have waited so long to begin this exceptional experience.

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Pamela Dunn, Salon Owner

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