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As a busy homeschooling mom of two incredible babes and with a brand new pup, it's important for me to have a healthy work/life balance. This industry allows me to stimulate my creativity while giving me the flexibility to gracefully wear my many hats. 


When you sit in my chair, my main objective is for you to feel radiant and beautiful while having a no-fuss routine, which is why I specialize in 'lived-in' beauty. Whether it be tailored gray blending, sunkissed balayage, or creating shapes with open & airy texture - all can be adjusted to exist in harmony with your personality and lifestyle.

Danielle TM.jpeg

To feed my creative soul, I'm always striving to expand my knowledge both behind the chair and in my personal life. I love taking new and intriguing industry workshops to refine my skills. I love cooking & dancing & I am notorious for reading 3 or 4 books at a time. 

My routine of yoga, moon magic and my 'perfected over the years' homemade iced coffee (I'm slightly obsessed) help to keep me grounded and boost my tenacity to continue on my own path with confidence and gratitude.


With an open heart, I look forward to nurturing a warm and connected experience for you, where you leave feeling heard, loved, and vibrant - Ready to conquer your world. XoX

You can find me at the salon:

Wed. & Thurs. 2:30-8:30pm   Fri. 10am-4pm


Hey Hey,

I'm Danielle


Specializing in gray blending, balayage and intuitive shaping

"When it comes to hair, I love to cultivate looks that feel fresh and effortless - with enhancing your natural beauty being my main focus"

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