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Are you the one with unicorn hair, the kind that doesn’t cooperate because it has a “mind of its own”? Do you feel that your stylist doesn’t take time to understand it and you’ve given up trying to understand it yourself. Maybe you’re at the point that you’ll settle for “it’s good enough”.


I hear you! I’ve been there and I know the toll on self-confidence that struggling with your hair take. Growing up, my thick curly hair felt like a curse that no stylist could understand. To me, the salon experience felt like a bad relationship breakup. Every time I’d leave feeling confused, disappointed and with trust issues. 


I’m grateful for this experience because it became the push that lead me on my journey to cosmetology school. I wanted to understand my own hair and help others achieve the same. 


Anie's TM.jpeg

Cosmetology school only teaches you the basics. After graduating and gaining in-salon experience, I learned the difference between an accurate haircut and color and a perfect service. The power to enhance my clients natural beauty, boost their confidence and make their life easier cannot be achieved through accuracy alone. 


Listening and learning about my client’s hair needs, vision and lifestyle have become my foundation to designing and formulating the perfect cut and hair color tailored just for them. Furthermore, I prioritize continuing my education to offer my clients the latest techniques, such as curl and razor cutting and lived-in hand painted highlights. 

Nearly a decade later of styling behind the chair, and my desire to help people look and feel their best has grown to encompass an additional profession. My photography and film business was born from my love of getting to know my hair clients and helping their personality shine through in their hair style. It only seemed natural to emulate the same consulting techniques to capture their personality and story in my portraits and films. 


In both professions, I find one of the most rewarding elements, besides a satisfied client, is our sharing of stories. I want to hear all about your adventures and travel experiences, your favorite recipes and places to eat, what you’re growing in your garden and all the other beautiful things about you. 


So come on in, relax and unwind in my chair. And together we’ll have some laughs while we discover what those gorgeous locks can really do for you. ”

You can find me at the salon:   

Mon.10am-5pm     Wed. & Thurs. 10am-3pm 


Hey There,

I'm Anie


Specializing in artistic color and curl shaping.

"Listening and learning about your hair needs, vision, and lifestyle is how I formulate the perfect color, highlight and cut tailored just for you."

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