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Covid-19 Policies & Procedures

We are so excited to be back at the salon!!  While our first priority is maintaining a clean, safe environment for everyone who walks through our door, our focus will be to ensure that you feel relaxed and can enjoy yourself in this "new normal."

What To Expect....

  • Your stylist will greet you at the door and open it for you.

  • Masks will be worn by everyone at all times within the salon space.

  • Guests are asked to come in wearing their own mask but disposable masks will be available for all services at no charge and cloth masks will also be available for retail.

  • Stylists’ masks or mask filters will be changed in between each guest.

  • Only sealed bottled refreshments will be offered so please come prepared.

  • We may have to take guests’ temperatures with a forehead thermometer before entering to ensure their temperature is not over 100.4 degrees F.

  •  If you are not feeling well or have a cough, you will need to cancel your appointment.  Please call with as much notice as possible out of respect for our clients on the waiting list.

  • Hands must be washed upon entering the salon and prior to leaving.

  • A hand sanitizer that actively works with your body’s oils and actively kills 99.99% of germs for hours after applied is available for retail and for all guests and stylists to use while in the salon.

  • Clients will be booked as “Time Blocks” In order to control the flow of appointments.

  • Only one or two stylists will operate at any given time.

  • Only one client will be serviced at a time by each stylist.

  • A 6’ social distance will be maintained at all times aside from the guest each stylist is working on.

  • Stylists will each be assigned a shampoo station and will not share during their shift.

  • 15min gaps will be booked in between every guest to ensure proper sanitation of all surfaces touched and stations used.

  • Alcohol/water solution 70/30 in a spray bottle will be used to spray down all tools and surfaces.  Disinfectant wipes and Lysol spray will also be available.

  • If a color service is being performed, stylists will wear gloves during contact.

  • If the guest is receiving a haircut, they receive a shampoo which lasts 7-10 minutes in which case the stylists’ hands are thoroughly washed and will not need to wear gloves during the cut and styling.

  • We are doing blowdry finishes.  Please let your stylist know if you are not comfortable with this.

  • As always, all laundry is single-use and washed on high temperature.